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The Bank has decided

Friday, May 28th, 2010

The word is no. Our credit score isn’t good enough. So no Aid 17… no home improvements. Damn. Who would have thought you needed to take out a LOAN for a Home Equity Line of Credit for something you already own and are living in? Sheesh! Well, there goes a dream of Keith’s and we still need to replace the van… and with a credit score of 500, I don’t see how we’re going to be able to do that. The credit score needed to be at least 620, and it wasn’t. And yes, this was MY credit, not Keith’s. Although, they did use Keith’s credit for the decision, too, and he has good credit, but he had been out of work for a year and a half, which probably impacted it… crap. So much for rebuilding my credit.

We’re barely making it now, and could have used $10-15,000 to pay off bills, and get the Aid car, but the bank insisted on filing for the $50,000… we wouldn’t have gotten the smaller loan though.

I’m seriously bumbed out.

Aid 17

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

We were driving by the Black Diamond, Washington Fire Station where my husband used to be a Volunteer Firefighter, until we got married, and had to quit the department. They were selling the old Aid Car. Aid 17, was up for sale for $3,500. Keith sighed, as he knew he couldn’t afford it. Then things got weird. The county sent us a letter stating our property was in foreclosure for non-payment of property taxes, except we defer each year, and they were also basing an amount on the amount we owed the bank… except we paid off the property in 2003, and I’d forgotten (stupid drugs). So we told this to the county assessor. And found out that our property is worth over $135,000. Keith decided we could take out a Home Equity line of credit to pay off our bills. AND buy the old aid car.

That’s where this story gets weird. The bank didn’t want to give us a Home Equity Line of Credit for $10,000 or even $15,000, they said our property is worth $135,000, and wanted to give us a loan of way more than that… I don’t remember the exact amount but it was more than I could pay back with my Social Security check so I talked them down to a $50,000 Home Equity Line of Credit. If approved, we’ll be buying the Aid Car, and paying off all our bills.

Keith’s laptop screen needs replacing, so I’m all for just replacing his entire laptop. I have problems with my laptop (I have 2 USB ports that are FRIED and are causing problems with the motherboard) so I want to bet a new laptop too, or just replace the motherboard on mine. Since his needs a new screen, replacing the entire laptop makes more sense for him… while mine just needs a motherboard replacement… And I need a new keybaord for my desktop system. THAT tho, is like $35… Microsoft Natural Keyboards have come down in price from $65 to $35. We shall know hopefully in the next 2 days if we get the line of credit. If we don’t know by the 1st, then we can forget about Aid 17. We still have to wait until the 1st anyway… as the person who put down the $500 has until then to pick up the aid car.

Pray if you’re inclined to do that… although, I’m looking at it this way… the person from the bank, instead of filing the paperwork fo ra $10,000 or $15,000 line of credit, would only file for a $50,000 line of credit. if God (and yes, I believe in God), didn’t mean for us to get the loan, why would this bank official file for $50,000, and even then, he WAS going to file for $250,000, and I had to stop him, because I couldn’t pay that back… Our property is worth far more than I thought.

Still, if you’re of the type to pray, I’d appreciate it… and I will let everyone know what happens as soon as I find out.We don’t even know if I can get into the front seat of Aid 17… there hasn’t been any way to test that… boys and their toys, I guess.

OH, and the property… it’s in MY name… my parents bought it for us, way back when, but it’s in MY name. Dad is a millionaire… and as a gift, well, you know. So, the property, even though, we’re married, is in MY name… which I find to be hilarious. Married 20 years next year, and Keith is spending money that we are getting technically off of MY property. Funny as hell.

05/24/2010 or how I usually like to do it: 2010/05/24 (without the /)

Monday, May 24th, 2010

I haven’t had any really good sleep in awhile… I need to go back to the Sleep Center and finish testing. I know I’ll be on CPAP, but what I DON’T know is whether I’ll be on BPAP, which I believe I mentioned in an earlier installment. I also have a major migraine, or tension headache. Whatever it is, it HURTS… and I doubt I’ll be able to sleep, except I’m exhausted.

The CPAP stuff is very cool. I went in to be tested, and I guess I stopped breathing 22 times or so in the first 45 minutes, which is normal for the criteria for CPAP. I still need to be tested for BPAP, which will entail another night at the Sleep Center, but that’s okay. Same equipment, just a different setting. At least I know I’ll get SOME sleep, because they will start me on CPAP, and it’ll flood my body with oxygen, and I won’t wake up trying to breathe, and the machine is actually very quiet… if I remember correctly.

But then again, I have a crappy memory… so, who knows. I’m going to do some research on the Internat, before I make my appointment for the testing, and then we’ll see.

Roddenberry Dive Team

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

I got an opportunity to see a presentation by the local representative for the Roddenberry Dive Team at the Starfleet Region 5 Summit. Greg Martin is the Executive Director. You really need to check it out. Eugene Roddenberry, Jr. started the Dive Team because he became interested in a world not many have been able to visit “Where No Man Have Gone Before”, actually “Where Few Men Have Gone Before”, and that is to the bottom of our oceans.

In the course of the presentation Greg and I got talking. Now, I had never considered diving. I’m confined to a wheelchair and consider myself a quadriplegic… a functional quadriplegic, but still only able to use my arms. Greg asked me if I had use of my arms, I told him I did, and he got a deep expression on his face… and that was the end of the conversation. Or so I thought.

Then a few days later, I got an email from Greg, who said he’d been in contact with Jim Elliot, the Executive Director of Diveheart that gives disabled Veterans and other disabled persons the opportunity the chance to experience diving. Now they usually work with paraplegics only. But, recently they have started working with quadriplegics.

Greg had talked to Jim Elliot the Executive Director of Diveheart about me and I guess Jim said it was possible for me to experience diving. He’s also talked to the NW representative of Diveheart. So, this may actually happen. I visited their website and they have a picture of the first vent dependent quad doing a dive… now if that isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is!

So, this may actually happen. I’m actually getting excited at the prospect! Me, a diver! I never even considered the possibility.

Missing my dog

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

I’m missing Chewie something fierce… I’ve got one update from his new owner since I gave him up… and I hope to go down to see him this weekend. He had a grand time at the beach as Mike had posted photos on Facebook, but no other real updates since then… but I haven’t asked either, other than Chewie is an inside dog (his other dogs are outside dogs… sleeps in the bedroom, and when he moves around the bedroom at night he “thumps” and Mike complains he needs to get Chewie a blanket!

I haven’t been able to find a replacement for Chewie… the last two times I was replacing a service dog, the dog kind of ‘fell’ into my lap. Not this time. I guess it’s because I want a specific breed (Doberman) I’m still praying though. That’s pretty much all I can do.

I did find Gillis’s breeder. She’s in the Midwest, training protection dogs. I sent a general message via the website, but have heard nothing. I don’t expect her to provide me a puppy but I would like maybe a name or two of breeders that I could go to.

If anyone has any leads on a Doberman Pinscher breeder, please contact me.

Helping others?

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

I’ve been helping others with service dog issues since 1998. I’ve been partnered with a service dog since 1991. I also run and administer the nationally known and rated Service Dogs and More website, which is listed on every search engine you can imagine.

A dear friend, Fred Shotz, who is no longer with us, told the Department of Justice that he considered me one of the top disability and service dog experts. So, when I give out legal advice, people DO listen to me. I can make mistakes, but most of the time, I do know what I am talking about.

Well, a person on Facebook had a problem, and wanted me to call her to talk about it. She gave me her phone number and I called her. She’s flying with her dog and she wanted to put her service dog in cargo, because it’s a 10 month old puppy. She told the airline he’s a service dog in training. And that she needs him. But she still wants him in cargo. The airline wants him in the cabin with her. She’s afraid he’ll have an accident or barf or bark or something.

She even went so far as to call the CEO of Delta airlines. I just have to shake my head. Delta is being extremely accomodating. I told her that her dog IS a service dog at the age of 10 months. I explained about Gillis working for me at 4 months when he picked up a pill bottle for me in public. I then took the “in Training” off his vest.

That wasn’t enough for her. I then explained that when she called the airline, she made it harder for the next person who followed with a service dog in training to get reservations, the airline is going to want to have all this paperwork she’s showered Delta with. This woman insisted that wasn’t going to happen. Delta would know it’s a one time thing. No, Delta will do the same thing to the next person, I’ve seen it.

Then this woman, who called ME for help, had the gall to tell me that I didn’t have the right to tell her she was wrong in what she did. I didn’t do that. I said that what she did was going to impact the next disabled person with a service dog that dealt with Delta. I’ve seen it time and time again. She then told me she’d dealt with service dogs for 35 years. Fine. But, she called ME for help. If she’d already dealt with it, then she didn’t NEED my help.

It really pisses me off when people call me for help and then tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m willing to go to great lengths for someone but I will not tolerate someone who tells me that I don’t know what I’m doing and critisizing me when I explain what they did is going to hurt the person that follows them.

Yes, you have to think of you… but if you use a service dog, you are going to get noticed, and you also have to think of those that follow you… we do not want to clean up your mess that you leave behind. I have had too many years of cleaning up the messes of service dog handlers that have come before me. Those that let their dogs eat in restaurants, that allow their dogs to wander off leash, those that let their dogs go potty in public, but don’t clean up after them; that let their dog come up to strangers and sniff them, and of other things.

Our dogs are supposed to be ‘invisible’. There is a movement by the users of guide dogs to get those with service dogs banned from public places, because we don’t need our dogs! I always thought that was stupid but with the way I see some service dogs act and the way some handlers allow their dogs to act, I don’t blame guide dog handlers at all!

This is why I expect almost perfect behavior from my dog… and why I retired Chewbacca after Norwescon this year. He made it CLEAR that he didn’t want to work anymore. I had to drag him out from under every table and he ignored commands from me. He’d never done that before. it was embarrassing and it showed those around me that I didn’t have control of my dog. Impressions. That is a biggie.

Now, I’m looking for a replacement for Chewie. I haven’t had any luck in getting a puppy. And I only want a puppy. I don’t want another year old dog, because of the impressions they already have. I want to start fresh, like I did with Gillis.

Web Comics

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Oh, I have rediscovered web comics. I do not get the newspaper, as I read the news on my Amazon Kindle, but the one thing that the newspaper on the Kindle does not have, and that is the comics. Darn. I do miss reading the funnies. My friend, David F, passed on a comic, User Friendly and it’s hilarious.

2010 Census

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Got a loud knock at my door this afternoon… was a Census taker. Keith hadn’t returned the Census form after I spent 30 minutes filling it out. He said it wasn’t important, even though I know it is.

The gentleman was very pleasant, and it only took maybe 10 minutes to answer the general questions. He even shared some things that he’s encountered trying to get the country’s citizens counted. Seems that a lot of people don’t want to participate. I don’t know why. There aren’t any really specific questions, other than name and phone number which are needed if there are questions. And the information doesn’t leave the Census Bureau. The other questions are very general, and the information is used to give states the numbers of seats in the House of Representatives and the like. Also for allocating monies needed for roads and such.

One gentleman, when told this, said, “That’s all right, I don’t drive much anyway.” Well, I don’t drive AT ALL, but I still use the roads, when my husband drives.

It’s really important to be counted, it covers so many things and it only happens once every 10 years, and has happened once every 10 years since 1780.

If you haven’t been visited by a Census taker yet, be courteous, and helpful, and be glad our country cares enough to count every man, woman and child in our great country.

Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

A friend, over on Facebook, Redeye Knight, posted this to his wall:

If your mother has passed away. remember on Mother’s day that a part of her lives on within you, so she’s still there. Everything she taught you that you pass on to your children will ensure her immortality in this world. Pass it on.9 hours ago.

Very appropriate, as my mother passed away several years ago, while suffering from Alzheimers. I’m not sure at the end if she knew who anyone was… Dad was trying to ‘protect’ me, and wouldn’t let me see Mom at the end, and I kind of regret that. And then again, maybe not, because my memories of Mom are pretty vivid of who she was, before Alzheimers stole her away from us.


Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Not feeling too well right now… my head is pounding, and I have an appointment at the UW Center for Pain Relief on Tuesday, May 11. I am seriously considering telling them goodbye, and going back onto my regular meds… they are NOT helping out in making me feel better.

Getting off the pain meds, yes, but I’m in a heck of a lot of pain… and right now, that is not a good thing.. at all.

We’ll see. I will be seeing my PCP on Monday, and then the Pain Clinic on Tuesday, and I’ll see if I can convince them that the headaches aren’t caused by being overmedicated. If that were true, I wouldn’t have these headaches after having my meds cut in half.

My main problem is my knees, my left knee to be precise. My patella (knee caps) are angled in and they HURT. I was getting cordozone shots into the knee caps (and yes, it is pretty much as bad as it sounds – I could NOT watch), but the doctor refuses to do any more shots and wants me to get them done at the Pain Clinic. Well, I called the Pain Clinic TWO months ago, right after my last appointment, and asked about getting the shots. Was told it wasn’t done in that office, it was done in another office, but I didn’t hear anything back. Now, my appointment is on Tuesday, but I’m running a tight schedule, so even if I can get an appointment – I can do it on Tuesday, because I have a pump refill later that afternoon.

I’m ROYALLY pissed. I really want to transfer down to Puyallup, or stop going to any pain clinic at all, but I like the fact that my memory is coming back… so I will keep at it, just not at the UW.

With that, I’ll ask Dr. Khan for a referral to the MultiCare Pain Clinic in Puyallup when I see him on Monday.