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Wheelchair has arrived!

Monday, October 18th, 2010

My new wheelchair, a Pride Mobility Quantum 600, is sitting right next to me. This baby has almost all the bells and whistles! I say, almost because one of the things I was looking forward to having, is not included on the chair, and that is the power lift, where the seat of the wheelchair is raised 10 inches. Bummer. I wanted to be able to raise myself up 10 inches so I could reach high shelves. Oh, well, that’s only one thing on a wheelchair that is a Cadallac of wheelchairs!

One thing this wheelchair has that none of my wheelchairs has never has is an ‘attendant control’. This is a separate joystick where the attendant can control the wheelchair, overriding the person SITTING in the wheelchair. In a lot of respects this makes a lot of sense, as it’s really difficult to drive the wheelchair when you’re not sitting in it and have to reach down and around the person actually sitting in the wheelchair. I know this will make it a lot easier to load and unload my wheelchair on our van. Keith won’t have to try to drive my wheelchair by bending over the joystick anymore, he can use the attendant control.And he won’t have to freewheel the chair to take control either, he can just grab the joystick and take over driving.

I notice that the wheelchair doesn’t have regular handles on the back like a normal wheelchair. It just has a bar all the way across. Well, this means there’s no way for me to put my backpack on the back of the wheelchair. I may have to splurge for a wheelchair backpack. I use Chewie’s backpack for a lot of things, so maybe I can dispense with the wheelchair backpack all together. I am probably going to have to go back to using a fanny pack… but that’s okay… I dispensed with that, using Chewie, so we’ll see how it goes.

Trial and error. That’s going to be the name of the game for the next couple of months, that’s for sure.

I really like the fact that the foot rests raise and lower, and that I have a reclining back as well as the tilting seating system which prevents pressure sores.

This thing is so comfortable, I may end up spending all my time in it, instead of sitting in a computer chair for when I’m sitting at the computer. I only have to raise the desk a couple of inches, and that is easily accomplished! Keith has offered to do that, and I’m going to have him do so. 🙂

With the elevating footrests, and the reclining back, I can fully stretch out and if I get tired, I can even take a nap in the thing. Wow.

I will see about getting some pictures posted this weekend when I can get the wheelchair outside and into some light.

A Pain In The Knees

Monday, October 11th, 2010

For several years now, I have had pain in my knees caused by the tendons pulling the patella (kneecap) off center. Well, today, I am getting the nerves that cause the pain frozen and killed, thereby removing the source of the pain.

Am I scared? Yes. This is done without pain meds. I will be lightly sedated, but no pain meds. I don’t know how aware I will be. I have had cordizone injected into my knees and that kills the pain for the short term. Like the procedure today, the University of Washington Medical Center for Pain Relief won’t be numbing the skin first, they will just do it, but I will be sedated.

Because of the sedation, I haven’t been able to have anything to eat or drink for six hours before the procedure which takes place around 12:15pm.

I always knew the name, Center for Pain Relief was a misnomer. Sheesh. Anyway, if you’re the type to pray, please do. Pray that I am calm during this… I had heard that I will be in pain for 4-6 weeks after the procedure and then it’ll work and I’ll be pain free for 8-24 months and then we’ll have to do it again.

I will update everyone when I am able. If you are reading this on Facebook. Watch for Keith Marshall’s updates.

A New Smartphone!

Monday, October 11th, 2010

I just received the new cellphone I ordered, to replace my several years old Palm 700p.

My 700p suddenly decided to start rebooting every 10 seconds. While I had replacement insurance on my Palm 700p, when I called to submit the claim, I discovered that they did not have any replacements for my smartphone. Hence, the new phone with the new OS.

I picked the Android operating system because the applications were plentiful, robust, and there are dozens of companies making them.

The phone that I chose, the Motorola Devour, is very text friendly. So much so that I am finding it very easy to update my blog while laying in bed. I wrote most of this in bed, but unfortunately, I do have the problem with my hands being very spastic, so I thought I’d finish the rest of it at the computer.

You can see the new phone at .

I do a lot of testing so that’s the main reason I got one with a slide out keyboard. All in all a very nice phone.

UW Center For Pain Relief Part Deux

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

The machine has been fixed! I received a phone call a few days ago, to schedule the procedure for October 11th. I have to be there at 12:15pm, although the procedure isn’t actually happening until 1:30pm. It takes place under ‘light sedation’ so my husband will be driving me there and back. It was funny. The Pain Clinic was very concerned that I had someone to drive me home. I explained that I did not drive normally so, yes, someone would be driving me home. Took me about 20 minutes to explain to the nurse that I wasn’t planning on driving myself home after this procedure.

I’m a little scared. I hate needles. From what has been explained to me. They insert a needle right into the knee next to the patella and then freeze the nerve, which kills it. The nerve grows back in 8-24 months, then the procedure has to be done again. And this has to be done for both knees.

The underlying cause of why I’m having this done is that the patella is being pulled off kilter by the muscles contracting due to Cerebral Palsy. This is supposed to give me some pain relief. I sure hope so. The cordazone shots have helped some, but not much.

We’ll just have to see how it goes.

The new wheelchair has been approved!

Friday, October 1st, 2010

I’m getting a new motorized wheelchair! The wheelchair company just confirmed it! They’d left a voice mail message on Monday, and I finally got around to returning it! Oh, I’m so psyched! The insurance company approved EVERYTHING asked for and I thought the wheelchair store was asking for the sky and the moon with some of the things (reclining back AND tilting seat (the 2nd needed to prevent pressure sores), elevating footrests, seating system that raises several inches so I can reach things on high shelves (a reacher or service dog or Personal Care Attendant) can do the same thing, but the wheelchair company asked for it. AND it got approved. Wow. It was ordered a few days ago and it’ll be two – three weeks before it shows up.

Good thing too. My house is a mess and needs cleaning and this will give me time to clean my house. Now that I’ve said that, the husband will see this and decide to not help as I’ll have posted this on Facebook as well (copied directly into the Notes section). and he has to ‘work’. We’ll see how it goes. With the wheelchair taking a few weeks to arrive, a few hours a day of cleaning will help things a lot. if we work together, we should have the entire place reasonable in the 2-3 weeks that the chair will take to arrive.

I’m getting excited. I’m gonna call the mobility place and see if I can’t get a name of the wheelchair brand and model so I can get a webshot and put it up here.

Well, I did call, and I’m getting a Pride Mobility Quantum 600. I’m not sure I like the 1 post seating system, as I’ve broken the posts for those before, but we’ll see.

Pride Mobility Quantum 600

Okay, the color in the pic, isn’t right, what I’m getting is this:
Viper Blue

As you can see, it’s very cool looking. I’m going to be using this wheelchair for the next five to 12 years, so I want to be able to enjoy using this wheelchair, and not just tolerate it. Some people don’t care. Sorry, doesn’t work that way for me. When I bought my current wheelchair, I made do, very well, actually, but still having a wheelchair that is fitting for me is going to be very very interesting. I haven’t had that in over twelve years.

What I especially like about this wheelchair is that the seat will actually rise up several inches so I can reach things on higher shelves. There are certain things you can use your service dog for when it comes to getting items on higher shelves, but they have their limits, and I’m happy to see that someone at the place that sought me out for buying a new wheelchair actually know what they are doing!

You would not believe how many believe that they can! And then it’s up to the customer to fix the problems that they encounter after the sale and the provider has basically vaped! Brovo, American Seating and Mobility!

I know It’s Been AWhile

Friday, October 1st, 2010

I haven’t been feeling well, and when I don’t feel good, I don’t do things, like my blog or even get on Facebook. I haven’t even been playing any of the games that I do on Facebook, or taking care of the USS Constellation, the club where I’m the Executive Officer.

I have several updates though, so keep watch on this space, as I’ll be adding posts over the next few days. First on this list, is an update on the new motorized wheelchair.