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Friday, February 11th, 2011

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Pacific Science Center

Monday, February 7th, 2011

I just bought memberships at the Pacific Science Center, in Seattle, WA. Keith and I are going to the Harry Potter Exhibition on Sunday after he gets back from Washington DC. The cost between a ‘public’ admission and a ‘members’ admission was significant enough that I decided to buy the membership into the Pacific Science Center. We don’t get there that often, but maybe as members we will. It’ll give us an excuse at least. I really like the Pacific Science Center, with all the different exhibits. Keith and I are a strong supporter of the sciences.

Well, what do you expect of Star Trek/Science Fiction fans? It also helps support the efforts of the Pacific Science Center. They’ve never given me any crap about my service dog, and my disability.

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It’s been a week since Keith has been gone…

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Keith has been gone a week, he gets back on Saturday. I’ve missed him and I haven’t been sleeping. I guess when you sleep next to someone for nearly 20 years, you really really know when he isn’t there. There have been times that I have been up all night and have played on the computer and just have not wanted to go to bed, because I know I’ll lay there… even though the TV is right there…

Things haven’t been all rosy, though. It took Keith almost a week before he called me. Then we sat on the phone trying to get the TV to work – which is fun when I’m not technically inclined and Keith is 2000 miles away and trying to picture what I’m doing with what remote (we have 6 remotes for our entertainment system). I hadn’t used it the entire time he was gone (I don’t watch TV normally, and one of our machines (the DVD or the CD or Satellite) was recording something and the menu was in the middle of the screen and I couldn’t figure out how to cancel the stupid box off the screen. FINALLY, I got it figured out. I haven’t been back to watching TV though. I am usually out in the living room on our main computer on Facebook, or on the Internet doing something – and I’m not used to watching TV because Keith takes over the TV when he’s home anyway.

The next night Keith called back and we talked for 3 hours when the Internet was down (for some reason our ISP was down in the ENTIRE state of Washington), but we had a good talk. I hope we can continue these talks when he gets home.

The last time Keith was away from home, he was away for a month. His parents showed up every day and basically drove me nuts. They meant well, but checking up on me every day was very smothering. I love Keith’s parents dearly, but having his mom call and show up just drove me up no matter if I needed anything or not, put a strain on our relationship, that I really couldn’t let her see. So, I swallowed my grievences, and said nothing. This time, they aren’t calling every day or coming over unless I need something and it’s been great. Things are a lot less strained and our relationship is great.

One thing Keith HAS been doing is Facebook updates – with lots of pictures of the things at the Smithsonian, where he’s practically lived, it seemed. I love the updates. Tells me what my husband has been up to, and I don’t have to ask him what he’s been doing, and the pictures give us something to talk about.

Alone for Two Weeks

Friday, February 4th, 2011

My husband, Keith, has to go to Washington DC for two weeks. The company he works for National Cash Register (NCR), fired 12 technicians and to replace them, they are flying in other technicians, like my husband, from other parts of the country. THAT makes sense, NOT! Well, so he’s in DC right now, and will be until December 13th.

It’s kinda scary being alone. I haven’t been alone since he got the job with NCR and he spent a month in Dayton, OH for training. His parents showed up every day to check up on me and it was very smothering. It was nice that they were so concerned, but very very irritating in other respects. THIS time, however, they haven’t stopped by to check on me every day, nor have they called. It’s been great.

Except for one thing. Keith hasn’t kept in contact like he promised he would. He hasn’t called. He hasn’t emailed. We both have smartphones that are logged onto the internet 24/7, and I at least thought I’d get a quick note once a day telling me how he’s doing. Instead I have to follow his status on Facebook.

While it’s been refreshing to be alone for this time, I’m irritated that he’s not kept in contact, even to say “hi” or “I love you” in short messages or emails. Yes, I’m venting… but that’s what this blog is for… for me to express myself. So, what if he sees it… maybe it’ll knock some sense in his skull and he’ll get on the phone and call me or email me and remember he has a wife on the other coast.

It looks like he’s having a lot of fun, with I do NOT begrudge him in the least. I just want a nightly call to say ‘hi’ and to catch up on events and an “I love you”. Is that too much to ask? You wouldn’t think so… especially since he could tell me what he did that day, and he’d have things to talk about… but no, I haven’t heard from him except to tell me a co-worker was coming over to get some parts out of his work van… except the co-worker called me BEFORE Keith did, to tell me he was coming over. ARGH!

I haven’t slept for two days… this is NOT a good thing. Right now it’s 1:40am, on day 2 of not sleeping. I have an appointment on the 16th of this month for a preliminary sleep study testing for C-PAP. I KNOW I’ll be on C-PAP from previous testing, but I switched facilities (this one is closer to home), so they have to redo some of the tests. In the previous study, I guess I stopped breathing 16 or more times and that’s right in the middle of where you need to be to be considered for C-PAP. I got put on C-PAP within the first hour, and I was supposed to go back to do a second night to determine if I needed to do B-PAP (bi-level), but I haven’t had the schedule for it). I KNOW I’ll be on C-PAP. Don’t know about the B-PAP. Same machine, programming is different. It’ll be nice to actually get a full night’s sleep, although, Keith is worried the machine will be too noisy for him to fall asleep. We shall see.

As for me, I have problems dressing due to extreme spasticity, and Keith has been helping me with that for years, well, I’ve been able to get dressed with some major difficulties, mostly where my slippers come in. I don’t wear shoes right now due to the condition of my feet, but I hope to change that in the next month or so, and get special orthopedic shoes if the friend that does that type of work would answer his email!

Well, it’s late, and I need to see if I can get some sleep. So, it’s back to waiting to see if Keith will actually call me. Married almost 20 years, and I’m being ignored. I don’t ask for much, just a nightly call to hear what he did that day… and how he’s doing… and a “I love you”. Is that too much to ask?

(Okay, granted,.he left for DC on Saturday, January 30th, and I totally spaced on the blog, so the title is a bit of a misnomer. He’ll be home on the 13th of February.)