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I know, I know….

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

I havne’t posted a blog entry in nearly a month. I blame that on that I was using this space for longer entries that wouldn’t fit on Facebook, then I discovered their “Note” function, which allows longer entries. And then I realized that I started the blog to express my thoughts that I really didn’t want to just ‘jot’ down and post on Facebook. Something that is just MINE, and that no one has to feel an obligation to look at.

I AM still committed to keeping up this blog, however. I just have to remember to post. I think I’m going to start posting to it, not long, drawn-out posts but little things too. it just won’t be oneliner things… but it will be updates, I’m going to recommit myself to posting here at least once a week, and then we’ll go from there.

I have been cross-posting my blog to Facebook, but with my doing shorter entries, as compaired to the past, I will not be posting every entry to Facebook, just the more relivant ones unless people would LIKE to see my blog posted to FB. If you want to see every entry of this blog also cross-posted to Facebook, please let me know.

The ame holds true for those on FB… do you WANT to see this blog?

PLEASE comment!

The ADA has been changed for the worse!

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) has been modified so that the definition of service animal applies ONLY to dogs and miniature horses. Those with capachin monkeys (, do not have a service animal, and while the monkeys are in home helpers only, this means the disabled person does not qualify for special breaks on taxes, as well as costs in caring for their animal.

Capachin monkeys are used by severely disabled (quadriplegic) persons to pick up items, wash the disabled person, as well as other tasks. The monkey is cared for by one of the disabled person’s attendants and becomes the primary caregiver for the animal, NOT the disabled person, although, the disabled person is the person that gives the commands and the praise/correction.

I just find it disheartening that the ADA has been changed to only allow dogs and miniature horses as service animals. Telling me that the Guide dog/Animal Schools were heavy in their lobby as miniature horses are used as guide animals only. Truth be told, if it were only guide dogs, the blind wold be very happy and wouldn’t care less about the rest of us… and no, I’m not kidding. When I worked on RCW 49.60 and 70.84, the blind lobby wanted it so that ONLY their dogs were allowed. Sorry, not gonna happen.