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ParaTransit Service

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

I’m slated to lose access to Paratrransit service October 2nd, due to budget cuts. The local transit company is cutting off an entire neighborhood because they only have to provide Paratransit service 3/4 mile from where fixed route service runs and they cut out the regular bus that runs in Bonney Lake. So, those of us that can’t drive and can’t walk to the Park and Ride are screwed. I wonder how Pierce Transit is going to handle someone on dialysis who can’t get to their appointment? I know of a few that live near me. Me, I have my inrathecal drug pump that has to be felled every 6 weeks. It it’s not filled on schedule, I”ll just have mjaor muscle contractions,but I won’t die. There’s supposed to be a flyer coming out in the mail that details options. I hope there are other agencies that will pick up where Pierce Transit dropped the ball, otherwise, I’ll have to depend on family, and while the inlaws are great, they can’t take me everywhere…my pump refills just got changed to Tuesday/Thursdays and my MIL works on those days.

I guess we’ll just have to see.

Real Lonely here at home

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Keith has been gone for a week and a half, and is slated to be gone for another week and a half for a total of three weeks. Why? Because the company he works for fired several employees and he and several others were brought in to cover for them. Keith works for NCR and there are cash registers everywhere so there’s no lack of work.

I’m just not happy about it because he’s away from home. I can’t do a lot for myself anymore due to my disability, and he was supposed to be gone 6 weeks (3 weeks then back 2 days then gone 3 weeks) but I complained). I can’t even take a shower, as we don’t have a roll-in shower,and I can’t lift my legs to get into tub. Before anyone is too grossed out, that just means sponge baths. *heavy sigh* Especially since it’s REAL difficult to reach my feet.

At least THIS time, compared to the other times I’ve been alone when Keith has had to travel I haven’t been called/or visited everyday… it drove me nuts when they did that! I know they were just worried about me – but jeeze.