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Starlite Parade

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Keith and I drove down to Portland, Oregon for the annual Starlite Parade… we were joining several dozen members of the local Star Wars groups, Imperial 501st (The Bad Guys) and the Rebel Legion (The Good guys). 😀

I am a Jedi, with a Lightsabre, and full Jedi robes with a full backstory, even explaining the wheelchair. I have a blast… it’s even more fun when you realize that to be a member, you have to make your own costume. This a COSTUMING group. And you’re screened by a board, and you have to answer questions on how you made your costume, so you can’t just buy it off the Internet.

Yes, my lightsaber is machined and bought off the Internet, but it’s not a copy of one, it’s an original, cost about $100, and I can modify it with sound and different switches to activate it… as a matter of fact, it’s being used in a fan film my husband is involved in, “The Eye of Darkness”, and as such, when I met someone at the yearly science fiction convention, Norwescon, I couldn’t just hand my lightsaber to him to modify, it’ll have to wait until after the summer. Once that is done, then my saber will be mofified to replace the switch, the batteries and maybe even the blade.

Getting back to the parade, the only highlighting I did was my lightsaber, and luckily, my almost dead batteries lasted throughout the parade. I don’t get to dress up as a Jedi often enough (I dress up as a Starfleet Officer more often), and I was able to fit into my Jedi gear even with my weight gain.

I WILL post a picture of me as Jedi Tatiana here as soon as I can find one… the link for my admission picture for the Rebel Legion is bad so until I get that fixed, I don’t have a link to a picture.

Got home at 3:30am, and am still pretty tired, but all in all, a great day. I gotta be a fan, to drive from Bonney Lake, WA all the way down to Portland, and then back in the same day (about a 4 hour drive one way).

So, yes, I’m not just a Star Trek fan… I love Star Wars too.