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Reading a nifty series

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

i’m reading Double Share by Nathan Lowell, part of the Space Traders series. It’s the newest book, and while all in the series are out as podcasts, the books are just being released in Kindle format. It’s a good book, and Ishmael Wang, the main character, newly graduated out of the Academy (the first book deals with him losing his mother and his serving on a ship to get off the world he lives on), and then the next several books show his service on his ship, the Lois McKendrick and then his being accepting into the Academy.

In Double Share, Ish is on a new ship, and in WAY over his head. Take a look at the books, and have a good read. The links are for the first the paperback, then Kindle editions of the books.

Quarter Share

Quarter Share (Solar Clipper Trader Tales)

Kindle Edition

Half Share

Half Share (Solar Clipper Trader Tales)
Kindle Edition

Full Share: Solar Clipper Trader Tales

Full Share (Solar Clipper Trader Tales)
Kindle Edition

Double Share: Solar Clipper Trader Tales (Volume 4)

Double Share (Solar Clipper Trader Tales)
Kindle Edition

I’m a Published Author!

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Not in a book, but I have an article in an magizine devoted to Science Fiction and Fantasy that people check into to that is internet only.

Otherworld Gezette is filled with book, movie and other types of reviews. A friend, David F, has been a contributor there for quite awhile, and has been pestering me to write up a report on SOMETHING.

I finished reading a book, and off-handidly mentioned to David maybe I should write up that review he’d been pestering me about, and he said, yes, I should, and directed me to Google Docs as the editor used that program a lot easier for for editing.

I produced a half page review of Donita Paul’s Dragon Spell, Book 1 of a series of books. I can’t wait to read the rest of them. That was two days ago, and David just informed me that my review was up on the site, here at:

Wow. A published author. I don’t know if I can handle it.


Saturday, July 24th, 2010

I bought an Amazon Kindle from in early February. What the Kindle is, is an e-book reader. A very NICE, e-book reader. I tend to drop books when I turn pages about 99% of the time, the Kindle is perfect for me, as there is no actual page turning , you just press a button and the page is changed, the Kindle is perfect for me. I also like being able to order a book online and not have to wait forever for it to arrive by US Postal service. With the Kindle, I can order a book, and it’ll be available on my Kindle in about 60 seconds.With the downloading of Kindle book, I am free to read in bed at night, free of the computer… I do have to use an external light on the Kindle as it has no backlight, but that’s because the inventors wanted the Kindle to mimic a regular ‘paper’ book.I can get monthly magazines and my local newspaper. (I get PC Magazine)There are two Kindles. The Kindle 2, with a 6 inch screen, and the Kindle DX. All in all, it’s a very nice setup… and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more books for it.

Upcoming Blog Visit on August 4th

Monday, July 12th, 2010

I subscribe to a few online newsletters, and one, the Kindle Nation Daily, had a guest who is doing a Blog Trot – he’s travelling through blogs doing guest blogs. I contacted him and he’ll be here doing a blog on August 4th. He asked me if I had a specific topic in mind, or if he should do an interview. Well, I was going to do an interview, then I thought about it some more, and thought I’d like to hear his thoughts on the Kindle and the disabled.

Stacy Cochran has written Claws and Claws 2

I confess, as I write this on July 12th, I have not yet read either of the above books, but with Claws priced at 99 cents for the Kindle edition and Claws 2 priced at $2.99. Good pricing for someone who hasn’t experienced an author before.

Stacey asked me what I wanted him to talk about, or should he just do an interview, with me asking questions, but I wanted his take on the whole eBook industry, Kindle and the disabled, because I really can’t deal with regular print books anymore. My audience here, I hope, are a cross-section of disabled, and non-disabled persons, so we can learn from each other. I’m not quite sure, as I haven’t received much in the way of comments on my blogs. I do know people are reading them… but maybe that’s because I cross-post it to my Facebook page.