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Games? NOT!

Monday, April 19th, 2010

On Facebook, there are a lot of games that I play. A lot of these games got me introduced to the friends I have over there. One of the ones that I am most addicted to, Mafia Wars, also has groups, Mafias, of which I am a member of one, Road to Respect.

I’ve been a member of [RTR]¬†almost from the beginning. The group had an Admin Team consisting of the Godfather, Godmother, various other people, and a “gifting” person, who would hold all the items that people would give her or that she would find and “gift” them out to the members of the group.

I had connections with another Mafia Wars player, and was able to get from Rebel, for one piece of Loot, 200 pieces of a really nice weapon. I would gift these weapons to the gifting person, Susan Bishop. Well, others would do so as well, and she was supposed to give them to our fighters to help them win fights and become strong so we wouldn’t have bullies bothering our non-fighters.Susan didn’t do that. She took all this loot and just laughed at us when she was finally asked for it. She merrily went on her way, and basically screwed us all over. I took up the job of gifting angel with gusto… Marwan said he couldn’t make me an admin because of the WoMW, which I quit. Then I heard nothing from him.And then, we had a new godfather, and any promises went out the window. I feel like I’ve been royally screwed.This happened over the last few months. Now we get to the last few weeks.Several of the RTR admin break off and start their own group after Marwan leaves. I am thinking of quitting RTR and joining this new group, and I post a message on the RTR message board expressing these concerns. I leave email for Karen Duke that I want to chat with her, and the next day Karen and I chat and she says she promised Rob (the Godfather of RTR) that she wouldn’t take any members from RTR into her new group.

I then receive an email from Rob telling me that if I have doubts about staying in RTR that I should just leave. Not an email asking me what’s wrong, and is there anyway that he can help, but if I have doubts, that I need to leave.What kind of person, not to mention the leader of a large group of people (RTR has over 3000 members) doesn’t ask questions, just tells you to leave without asking what’s wrong and why are you thinking of leaving a group you’ve been a member of for over a year? My doubts about staying in RTR are about double now, but I don’t want to leave a group where I have friends, and that if I posted this to the message board, it’d get erased, and I’d find myself out of RTR. Yes, I’m not sure I want to stay there, but I want it to be MY decision, not the decision of a Godfather with insecurities!!!

That’s also why I’m posting this here, instead of on Facebook. There’s not enough room to post something this long on Facebook, and I wanted to get my thoughts down and more organized.I’m so glad I found the blog that my webpage provider has – and this was AFTER I started my WordPress account… so yes, you will see me post about things on here relatively regularly… Facebook doesn’t have the room that I’ll need… I get really wordy at times.