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Yahoo Messenger and New Contacts

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

I’ve been a user of Yahoo Messenger for years. I use it mostly to keep in touch with friends, and most recently for when I’m online playing games.

I am listed in the Yahoo Directory, and I’ve been getting invites by one type of person only. Those that insist on showing me sexually oriented material after I accept their request. Once I do that, they ask to chat, and then send me a link where there is porn. I don’t do porn. I don’t like porn, and wish it didn’t exist.

I don’t mind that others utilize porn, by reading it, or watching it. But, when you answer a friend request and then immediately send a link to a porn site, that is just.. wrong. When that is done, I immediately block the person, and report them to Yahoo. Sorry, but what you do on your time is fine, but imposing it on me without warning is not. A simple “Can I send you a link to a porn site?” would work wonders.

As such, the only people I talk to on Yahoo Messenger are those that are family or close friends that I have known for years. I much prefer Facebook for meeting people to chat with. Or be email pals with. I’ll be looking into how to take my name out of the Yahoo Directory. No matter how much I may think I could help someone with a disability… it’s just really sad that the people that have these porn sites have to trawl the Yahoo Directory and ask to be added to an unknown person’s list then once there, they send a link and dump that person into a porn site which is most likely not welcome and may be very offensive.

It’s too bad… I could use Yahoo to gain members to the Star Trek clubs that I run, the USS Daniel Soule, a chapter of Starfleet International, where I am the Commanding Officer, and the independent club, USS Constellation, where I am the Executive Officer, help people with disability and service dog questions and gain new friends. But, nope, I’m going to retreat to being a private member, and only use it to contact people that I know.

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

I’m 46 years old today. Wow, feels like I’ve been alive longer than that! Seriously, I can’t believe how fast time has been flying by. It seems like yesterday that I met Keith, then we were getting married. Wow.

Here’s a list of stuff I’m involved in and happening currently in my life.

Married 19 years to the most wonderful man.

One of the top disability and service dog experts in the US.

The Commanding Officer of a Starfleet International chapter (the USS Daniel Soule) (working on the website, but you can join this Correspondance chapter from Starfleet‘s webpage.

The Executive Officer of a independant Star Trek simulation (the USS Constellation)

Disabled Accessibility Officer for Starfleet International and Region 5, Starfleet in which I put Starfleet’s newsletter, the Communique’, in audio format for the blind, and help Chapter Chairpersons by answering questions they may have on how to accommodate a disabled member.

Have a website Service Dogs and More! that is #1 on almost any search engine you can name! It still amazes me when I think about it!

Own and run the nationally known Owner Trained Assistance Dogs (OT-ADogs) email list at Yahoogroups. This list helps you train a dog to become a service dog.

Executive Producer of Star Trek on Audio, in conjunction with Roddenberry Productions. Putting all the Star Trek episodes and movies in audio format for the blind.

Amateur (Ham) Radio operator where I am heavily involved in community service and emergency preparedness.

I have been blessed throughout my life by God. Yes, I am disabled, but I firmly believe that God allowed it to happen for a reason. If I were not disabled, I doubt that I would be doing or experienced half the things that I have in my life. Sure, I am confined to a wheelchair, but the choice of using a wheelchair was just that, a choice that I made when I was 21. It cost so much energy and hurt too much to keep walking… sure I could do it, but I wanted a life, not just to exist, but to LIVE. Choosing to use a wheelchair was the best thing I ever did for myself. I can go anywhere within reason, at a reasonable speed, and I can enjoy life, instead of struggling through it.

The reason God allowed me to become disabled? I think it’s so I could help people with service dog advice and training and disability advocacy. I have been blessed with meeting many people, all because I am disabled. I would never had learned about service dogs if I weren’t disabled, and I would not have helped the hundreds of people personally with questions about service dogs and issues relating to disabled access and service dogs. And indirectly helping, I believe, thousands of people through my website, Service Dogs and More!. I still don’t know what I did to get it to the top of Google or any other search engine you can name. (including Bing).

Three wonderful service dogs:



Gillis, My 2nd Service Dog

Gillis, The Wonder Dog!

And last but not least:



I am currently looking for my 4th dog. Now, I do have a breeder of Doberman Pinscher dogs near by, and as soon as I can make my house puppy proof, I’ll go look at her dogs, and then probably have to save up for a puppy. I can’t expect someone to give me a dog like has previously been done.

Guess I better post this, and go pay attention to my hubby, who said he wanted to make me feel special on my birthday! I also have to answer all the birthday wishes I got on Facebook today! Wow! What a treat!

Regional Disabled Accessibility Officer

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Now I’ve gone and done it! I’ve been complaining for years that there’s been no one for the members of Starfleet to turn to if they have questions on how to help their disabled members. Well, Region 5 Coordinator, Joe Fuller finally told me to write up a job description, which I did. And today, I got appointed, Regional Disabled Accessibility Officer. Here’s what I sent to Fleet Captain Fuller.

Sorry about the formatting, but it’s set in Microsoft Word. The formatting REALLY sucks, so you need to request a copy from me. For those Chapter Chairpersons that want it, it’s available in Word 2007 format.

Regional Disabled Accessibility Officer

The Disabled Accessibility Officer advises the Chapter Chairpersons or others, on concerns of accessibility of events or sites, so that members that fall under the ADA or State Law can fully utilize the goods and services that Region Five, Starfleet offers.
The ADA refers to the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990.

Site Selection for Events
– Printed
o – Large Print
– Audio
– Braille
– Advise Regional Staff on Accessibility on site for:
o – Wheelchair
o – Walker
o – Audio
o – Vision
– Hotel
o – Advise Regional Staff on Accessiblity on site for:
o – Wheelchair
o – Walker
o – Audio
o – Vision
o Rooms
 Help with members booking sleeping rooms
 Blueprints (knowing layouts) to show members accessible/non-accessible features
– Meals
o Restricted Diet
 Advising members/guests of contents so those on restricted diets can be aware of what is in meals
– Tours
o Accessibility of locations and venues
o Alternatives
o Makes arrangements for chapters/shuttles so that businesses have one person/department to go through that understands the ADA/needs of the disabled
-Advise Region webmaster on making the Region 5 webpage accessible to the blind/sight impaired
– Advise on options (like audio or video) that will work for all members
– Speech to text so that those who are deaf can enjoy video clips that are added to webpages

Meeting Site
ADA compliant
ADA compliant
Offering options on getting chapter newsletters in audio format at little or no cost
Offering to advise chapter webmasters on how to make chapter websites accessible to their members

Getting ready for a Landing Party!!!

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

This weekend is the Starfleet Region Five Conference, the first that Rear Admiral Keith Marshall and I, Fleet Captain Dana Marshall have attended in our twenty-five years of being members of Starfleet. I’m pretty excited. I’m working on not just attending the conference, but also presenting to the Regional Coordinator, the duties of the Regional Disabled Accessibility Officer that I am trying to get added to the Regional Staff. He likes the basic idea, but I haven’t been real specific as to what the positition entails, just someone for the Commanding Officers of Starfleet Region 5 to go to when they have questions in regards to disabled crewmembers.I’ve been thinking of this position for awhile now, but haven’t approached Fleet Captain Joe Fuller (the Regional Coordinator) with the idea until recently. He said to write him up the description and we’d discuss it, and discussing it at the Regional Conference seems to be the thing to do, so… I’m going to be bringing it up to him there.